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Puppy Ca de Bou for sale new Litter “V”

We are proud to present our new litter “V” from the lovely bright pair CARAT DIAMOND JB Sapiens Rex & ZEGNA RJ Osanna. This pair has already been checked for offspring. Puppies from this couple live comfortably in different countries and have become real friends and companions for their families. Some children of this pair have wonderful show careers. Both parents have official hip dysplasia tests with the conclusion of HD-A, as well as DNA PCR Profile genetic tests. What is it and why, you think. And this is a kind of genetic passport, made so that you can confirm paternity. We are the first breeders of Ca de Bou in Ukraine who made genetic profiles. Why did we make profiles? Because our breeding work is built transparently. We are as sincere as possible with you so that you do not have doubts about the declared tribal couple.
CARAT DIAMOND JB Sapiens Rex is a strong, hardy, powerful male, with an amazingly bright red color. He is superbly built, with a large beautiful head and a powerful skeleton. CARAT had an amazing show career, winner of many shows, Champion of Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Inter Champion. He is contact and obedient. His beloved toy is a tire with which he can run the whole walk for several kilometers in a row, placing it on his neck and holding it in his mouth by the end. He also loves to swim, and this fun can last a very long time if you throw a stick, for which he floats like a motor boat)))
ZEGNA RJ Osanna is our sweet and affectionate girl. Fearless guardian, loyal friend and great mother. Zegna is the owner of a bright red color, perfectly anatomically folded, moves beautifully, confident, loves children. Likes to play with the ball and run for apportioning. Athletic and hardy. Zegna Young Champion of Ukraine and Champion of Ukraine.
We have created puppies with appropriate living conditions for their best development in warmth and cleanliness. They grow in love and care, surrounded by children, socialized, thanks to which they are more calmly undergoing moving to a new house, and accustomed to the toilet. They eat the highest quality feed, get all the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements. All puppies are provided with proper veterinary support, including deworming, treatment from external parasites, vaccinations by age. Comprehensive support of the kennel in raising puppies purchased from us is guaranteed. Why exactly do we deserve the high name of “breeding nursery”? A team of professionals works with us, we have extensive experience and a responsible attitude to our work (in the breed since 2005). And also only in our kennel all breeding dogs are tested for hip dysplasia and have excellent results, which you can see on our website with official certificates. All Ca de Bo living in the nursery have the first DNA PCR Profile in Ukraine. Comprehensive support of the kennel in raising puppies purchased from us is guaranteed. We have a lot of knowledge and skills, we work with leading nurseries in the world. The owner of the nursery is a certified specialist in cynology and a delegate from the Spanish club Ca de Bou in Ukraine. Large geography of export of puppies of our kennel to different countries and continents. Our Ca de Bou are winners of international and regional dog shows, Champions of different countries, as well as winners of the most prestigious shows of the World, Europe and Monographs. The main task of the nursery is breeding work, which is aimed at obtaining offspring of high quality for health, psyche and exterior.
The future of a living being whose life we ​​entrust to you is very important to us. Therefore, without fail, we conduct an interview for a detailed acquaintance with you. Write or tell about yourself, name, marital status, place of residence, whether you have experience with dogs, the purpose of the acquisition, and how much time you can devote to the puppy in the first most important months of his life. Also, a puppy’s transfer and acceptance agreement will be compulsory for the peace of respectable acquirers, as well as to avoid conflicts with unscrupulous purchasers.
Prices for puppies are different, call or write VIBER, WHATS APP +38 (067) 779 07 08 Lydia. E-mail As well as FACE BOOK, MESSENGER, INSTAGRAM. We will be glad to cooperate with decent and responsible people.


All puppies are reserved.





    • If you choice lovely puppy from our kennel for it reservations advance deposit 400 euros. If you are not able to meet engagements before us, then your payment will be forfeiture. Also the opposite direction, if not able to meet engagement before yourself – we will return advance deposite for you by in full value.
    • The price of puppies is different, which is determined by the individual quality of the puppy and also the quality of their parents.
    • When selling abroad, the price of a puppy increases depending on the conditions necessary for the place of its destination.
    • Our Ca de Bou puppies have FCI pedigree or export pedigree if puppy will be exported.
    • All our puppies has a chip according to International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) valid from 1996 ISO 11784 – structure code; ISO 11785 – technical concept.
    • All our Ca de bou puppies deworming and vaccinated accordin to their age.
      For free we provide full breeder service, complete informacion about our puppy, feeding and caring our puppy.
    • Our Ca de Bou puppies are ready to move to new homes from age 45 days. Guaranteed full vaccination including rabies vaccination from age 12 weeks old. According to the rules of other countries puppies are ready to move to new homes from age 15 weeks.
    • Before delivery must be payment full price of puppy and all taxes bonded with this procedure. For an additional arrangement we can help the organization deliver with a licensed carrier.
    • We with love care of our puppies, so we want for them the best proprietors who will be able to provide happy life to them. We will be thankful if you write about yourself: name, age, place of residence, family position, for wich goals you need the dog, your living conditions, how many time you can spend with little puppy. Thank you for understanding.
  • All questions on a mobile phone number or VIBER: 38 (067) 779-07-08 Lidiya, or write on mail:



– delivery of a puppy to your place of residence;
– keeping the puppy in kennel longer than the agreed time;
– treatment and vaccination of a dog in the period of the over-retention of a puppy in kennel;
– puppy training during the period of being in kennel.

– the best growth and care of our puppies;
– free consultation for a puppy age of 8 months
– you will receive a puppy from the declared parents;
– all breeding pairs are checked of dysplasia of hip joints and are healthy;
– all dogs are loyal to people and have a friendly character and a stable psyche;
– all our dogs have a full FCI pedigree.

– we can refuse to sell a puppy if you have given for us false information about yourself and the conditions of the dog’s life in your home.
– different obstaclest, which makes it impossible to transport the dog to you
– the return of the deposit is possible on a bank card or transfer system of fast payments Money Gramm ore Western Union.