21.10.2016 щенки Ка Де Бо помет «M»

HONEY Cazador del Torros (HD-A) & BIG FLAVIUS Toldi (HD-B)

Big FLAVIUS Toldi his parents are pure Spanish blood TROYA de Rompehuesos & Balearicus DIVA, they are brought to the mainland from the island of Mallorca, beautiful breeds that combine all the best qualities that determine the breed of Ca de Bo, and passed these qualities to their son Flavius, which has great value for breeding work. In Ukraine, he began his exhibition career and showed an excellent result at the exhibitions NDS and IDS in Uzhgorod, the mono-breed show in Lviv Ukraine and got excellent marks 4 САС, 2 САСІВ, 1 ВОВ, 1 BOS the Champion of Ukraine was started. Has a conclusion on dysplasia of TBS, the degree of HD-B. Flavius: height of 56 cm, well anatomically complex, bite tight snack, wide and even jaws, teeth set, excellent pigment of hair, brave, good watchman, loves children and play with them, has a friendly character. Already participated in the breeding program of our kennel and has a progeny.

HONEY Cazador del Torros bitch breeding our kennel. Her parents CARAT MltCh HD-A (import Poland), ESPANA HD-A, ED-0 imported to our nursery from the island of Mallorca. Hani has excellent data on the exterior and health, bright red color, with a wonderful temperament, contact, courageous, with good protective qualities. He has the title of Junior Champion of Ukraine, tests for dysplasia of TBS, degree HD-A are made. This is her first litter. Photos and info on her personal page on our website.