30.01.2018 Litter “Q”


EWA is 4.5 years old [HD-A, JCHUA, CHUA, CHRO, GrCHRO], perfect anatomically and phenotypically Ca de Bou, she has already participated in the breeding of our kennel, and has shown herself to be a producer of high quality. Her son NAVI from the first litter living in Poland and to his first year of life has won several high titles: the Junior Champion of Poland, the Young Winner of the Moloss Club, and the highest victory is the Junior World Champion JWW’17.

DINGO 4 years, have exellent X-Rey, this is his first mating. This dog is very important for our kennel because it contains the blood of our first Ca de Bou [this line shows good health indicators of hip joints] Ukr.Defensor AMBAR, to be exactDingo is the grandson of his sister Ukr.Defensor ACERO, she was mated CALIU – Spanish the male [grandfather Dingo], the unique Ca de Bou with excellent pedigree. Thanks to the book about Ca de Bo of Sergio Gual, we were able to find all the missing components in Caliu pedigree and were amazed by the strongess of these ancestors.

Our puppies are ready to move to new homes from 45 days. According to the rules of other countries puppies are ready to move to new homes in 15 weeks. Guaranteed full vaccination including rabies. Possible delivery to USA, Canada by airplane, delivery to Europe by car.


  • 1 male
  • 4 female