18.02.2015 puppies Ca De Bou Litter “H”


CARAT DIAMOND JB Sapiens Rex, imported from Poland, it combines the finest blood of the Polish and Spanish nurseries. Age 3 years. In 2014 he closed the title of Interchampion. Has a conclusion on dysplasia TBS HD-A. The third time he takes part in the breeding program (used only inside the nursery). I recommended myself as an excellent manufacturer. His children have a good, stable psyche, excellent pedigree indicators, a successful exhibition career.

ESPANA de Almallutx, imported into our kennel in 2014 at the age of 4 years from the birthplace of Ca de Bo, the island of Mallorca (Spain). A descendant of some of the best, clean Spanish blood, her father MEGATON de Almallutx four-time winner of the most prestigious exhibition of Ca de Bo “Monografica”. Espane also made tests for dysplasia TBS HD-A.

Both parents have a wonderful temperament and character, excellent protective qualities, as well as a luxurious red color, an excellent anatomical structure, a large, heavy skeleton, beautiful beautiful heads. The task of this mating is: the infusion of new blood; Purpose: to obtain high quality offspring by pedigree, physical and mental indicators.